Utsukusy Almond scrub

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Almond scrub

The Utsukusy almond scrub off the Basic Line is a beautiful, natural peeling off the beauticians Basic Line. A natural scrub without plastic bulbs based on almond oil, beeswax and apricot kernels. Emollient and moisturizing. Your skin is instantly smooth and soft after using this beautiful peeling and it gets a steeling complexion.

How to use of the almond scrub

Clean the face and neck as usual and then massage the almond scrub gently in circular motions. Don't scrub the delicate skin around your eyes. Rinse the scrub off with plenty of water and nourish your skin as usual with a serum and / or cream.

After peeling your face with the almond scrub you can also use a mask. Because this scrub gives a strong peeling, it is advisable to use a mild mask and not a very active mask which is for instance intended to stimulate skin repair. Using two active skin care product can be too much for your skin. Utsukusy is a salon brand so our skin care products are more concentrated than usual brands that are not available at the beautician.

Use advice: 1x a week.

An exfoliating scrub stimulates the skin to again create new skin cells and provides a radiant complexion. Peeling too often, however, scubbing too hard or too deep has an opposite effect. The skin becomes damaged. This is not visible to the naked eye, but is evident in the condition of the skin. If your skin becomes drier, or when you develop a dehydrated skin sometimes in combination with oily or combination skin, it is likely you have a damaged skin barrier. This makes it difficult for the skin to maintain moisturized. Damage does not have to be permanent, you can repair a damaged skin barrier again but prevention is better than a cure. For a scrub or peeling the rule is to use an exfoliation no more than 1 or 2x a week and cleanse your skin daily with a gentle cleanser, such as Bijin Facial cleanser cream.

Contents: 200 ml pot

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