Utsukusy Bulgarian rose composition essential oil 6ml

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Rose oil is invigorating, harmonizing and renowned for its healing and antibacterial properties. Traditionally, Rose Oil was considered to be a feminine oil, therefore, has a remarkable positive effect on the female organs. Rose oil regulates menstruation and emotional symptoms associated with it.

Moreover, it is a wonderful aphrodisicum ideal in skin and facial oils and perfume and bath. Rose oil is very fit for the older skin and it has an ant-wrinkle effect. Rose oil gives psychic energy and gives peace to people who are mentally overwrought or dejected. Rose oil creates a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Rose is the flower of love, both human and divine love. The unfolding rose is the symbol of the burgeoning love in the innermost heart. Rose oil brings healing to the heart chakra, helps to open it again when the heart chakra was concluded by grief. When the heart chakra is open, rose oil enhances their energy and let the energy of love radiate again.

Contents 6 ml

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