Utsukusy Burdock tea tree facial mask

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Firming and cleansing horse chestnut and tea tree oil mask

This is an earthy facial mask with clay, horse chestnut (burdock) and tea tree oil. This mask cleans deeply but gently. Oily skin, combination skin or skin that has been disturbed by hormonal changes will love this mask!

Horse chestnut regulates sebum from the skin. Where too much sebum is produced  horse chestnut inhibits. While where too little sebum is produced, production is promoted. In addition, horse chestnut has a firming effect on the skin and on the capillaries in the skin. A healthy complexion is the result.

The tea tree oil cleans the skin, soothes and reduces red spots and infections like pimples. For a clean and firm feeling skin.


How to use the horse chetsnut and tea tree oil mask

Clean your skin as usual before applying the mask. The burdock mask is soft for the skin, so you can apply 5ml per mask if you want to. Apply the mask evenly, leaving the sensitive skin around the eyes free. Leave the maks on for about 15 minutes and rinse off with luke warm water.

Apply serum and cream after using the mask.

With these sachets you can give yourself about 4 masks.

Age: suitable for all ages.

Contents: 2 sachets of 10ml each

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