Utsukusy Calendula hydrolate toner lotion

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The yellow to orange coloring of the marigold petals radiate warmth, dedication and security. This hydrolate should not be missing in your product range.

Marigold soothes inflammation and heals the broken or irritated skin. Proper skin care after shaving, soothing the skin and slowing down hair growth. This is a healing tonic for sensitive, dry and scaly skin, eczema, shingles, and acne.

Calendula hydrolate acts as a catalyst in our body. Its cools the overheated and warms the cold. Calendula hydrolate can be used against sunburn, cold sores as a painkiller and to help heal and fade both old and new scars. Utsukusy Calendula hydrolate rejuvenating and fills us with a feeling of gratitude. A wonderful wound healer, both physically and in the psyche.

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