Utsukusy Clary sage essential oil 6ml

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The Celts brewed a type of tea from clary sage and used it to bring themselves into a  ritual trance. In the Middle Ages, the clary sage plant was used in kidney disorders, cleaning sores and menstrual problems. With the moisture of the seeds tumors were treated and it also was used to remove dust particles from the eyes. Winemakers from France, Italy and Germany used clary sage to conjure a real Muscat wine from mediocre wines.

Clary sage soothes and activates the nervous system and the body's natural defenses. The oil is hypotensive and is very suitable for the treatment of depression and anxiety. Further, clary sage is used for the regulation of female sexual problems, and as a stimulant. At the subtle level clary sage can be considered a plant that strengthens our inner vision and helps us to 'see' more clearly.

The essence brings us into closer contact with the world of dreams. Clary sage stimulates very vivid dream recalls, or it ensures that we remember our dreams better. Clary sage oil can be used in a bath before going to bed, or in an aroma lamp in the bedroom, a drop on the pillow is also effective.

contraindication: Do not use during pregnancy or in combination with alcohol.

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