Utsukusy Clove essential oil 6ml

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During the Han Dynasty, imperial China conducted a lively trade with the island of Ternate (North Maluku). Cloves have been used by the Chinese not only in cooking but also to freshen breath. The essential oil was good for treating diarrhea, hernia and bronchitis. Arabic spice traders brought cloves to Europe where it was sold for a lot of money. Especially Greek doctors used cloves whith all their treatments. When European explorers eventually discovered the spice islands they tried with all their might to obtain the trade monopoly. In 1599 the cloves islands were conquered by the Dutch (VOC) and they moved the clove cultivation to Ambon and destroyed all the trees on Ternate and other islands. After the destruction of the trees on Ternate, all kinds of strange diseases broke out among the local population. Trading in clove trees was banned in Ambon and the number of trees was reduced to 500,000. Producers were required to provide cloves an exceptionally low fixed price to the VOC, and large harvests were sacrificed to the flames in order to maintain artificially high price in Europe. Vast riches were gathered, while the local human and tree population suffered for it. Around 1770, the French succeeded to plant clove trees in various West Indian islands so that the monopoly of the Hollanders was broken. In the Middle Ages clove was recommended for headaches, deafness and dropsy as well as with toothache. An application that has lasted for centuries.

Even today clove oil is still frequently used in dental preparations. In the countries of origin of the oil it is used to relieve the pain associated with the bearing of children and at the binding and cutting the umbilical cord. A clove tincture is used against skin infections including scabies and athlete's foot.

Clove oil evaporated helps to heal mental and physical old wounds and relieve nagging pains. Strengthens the self-healing powers of the human being and self-esteem. This oil has a very strong and protective effect on the psyche of man, and is therefore often used by alternative healers because the clove essence boosts their healing powers.

contra-indication: Never use undiluted on the skin, it can cause serious irritations. Do not use during pregnancy.

Contents 6 ml

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