Utsukusy Cypress essential oil 6ml

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Cypress wood is used by the Tibetans as purifying incense and cypress aromatherapy oil is mainly used as a tonic for the blood vessels and lymph vessels.

Therapists believe that cypress strengthens the veins and works vasoconstrictor, therefore, the essential oil of cypress would be very useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose veins and rosacea. In the evaporator cypress works encouraging and stimulates a good mood.

Cypress oil symbolizes victory and stands for longevity. The oil relaxes nerves when one is mentally or emotionally exhausted. Vaporize a few drops of cypress oil to regain strength. The oil is especially suited for anxious and depressed people. Cypres essence has a narcotic effect and is a light aphrodisiac.

Cypress oil is good to use when coping with major life changes. Cypress can give comfort and strength while going trough sad experiences like the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship. Cypress oil also provides the courage and determination to break new ground. Cypress oil strengthens the imuunsystem and can be used preventively against cold and flu. It has anti-inflammatory characteristics and inhaling 1-2 drops of cypress oli from a tissue or evaporating on an aroma lamp offers relief if you are suffering from cough. It is an excellent addition to creams or emulsions when having airway problems.

contra-indication: In case of pure use on the skin, skin irritations may occur. Use cypress oil only diluted using a base oil. Excessive use can cause liver damage.

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