Utsukusy Hawthorn hydrolate toner lotion

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Our ancestors used all the forces of the Hawthorn. When spring sprung they celebrated the May Day. During this festival one of the young girls was named "May Queen". She received a crown of white hawthorn blossom that embodied the symbol of fertility. Our ancestors celebrated the renewal of nature.

Utsukusy white hawthorn hydrolate is a distillate from the flowering tops and leaves of white hawthorn. It is used in to get rid of fatigue and to make a soft, natural renewal. The hawthorn hydrolate calms the nerves and stimulates the blood circulation. Tired skin will be healthy and strong again. Regular spraying with this refreshing hydrolate will ease tension and alleviate overwork and will enhance concentration again.

The famous "hot flashes" will diminish and give way to a new sense of self. At night sprinkle the bed or pillow with a bit of hawthorn hydrolate to ease tensions. Hawthorn hydrolate protects the skin from premature aging. A foot bath with a dash of hawthorn hydrolate softens winter feet and winter hands and leaves the heart beating with new energy again. A neutral shampoo mixed with hawthorn hydrolate renews weak hair. The hair becomes strong and radiant.

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