Utsukusy Hialuronic mask 50ml

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Hialuronic mask 50ml

Utsukusy hialuronic mask, deeply hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid of different molecular size, so that all skin layers are deeply hydrated. Hyaluronic acid is an intensively moisturizing ingredient that 'fills' wrinkles from the inside out. Dry lines disappear like snow in the sun.

Our laboratories have found a way to allow the cross-linked (the heavy hyaluronic acid) to penetrate the skin without the use of microneedling. That makes this fresh, transparent gel mask a true thirst quencher for the skin. Because the mask is non-greasy, it is also suitable for moisturizing oily skin without activating the sebum secretion.

The mask also contains hyaluronic acid salts, which penetrate directly through the skin layers and fill wrinkles.

The result is an instantly fresh, hydrated and radiant skin.

This mask can be wiped off with water after use, but will usually be completely absorbed by the skin, so that it is no longer necessary to remove the remains.

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