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Horsetail contains more minerals than most other plants and is especially rich in silica, which our body needs for building bones, hair, nails and cartilage. Horsetail stimulates hair growth. Silicic acid is important for the skin and the healing of wounds. Externally, horsetail has many applications, for example in athlete's foot and festering wounds and in a sit bath treating inflamed and sensitive kidneys. A packing of pure horsetail is helpfull against sore joint like a sore knee.

To release the silicic acid in horsetail to get it absorbed by the skin, the herb must first be soaked a night in a little water. Heat it the next day until it boils. Let it boil gently for a few minutes and then add the (cooled) horsetail to a bath or use the horsetail water as a tonic, the boiled herb as face mask or scrub or make a packing for your joints.

If you follow the above procedure, horsetail will provide a soothing and rejuvenating mask / scrub. The cooled cooking water can be used as a facial or hair rinse water / tonic. The cooked herb itself mixed with rose hydrolate is a very soothing, rejuvenating and refreshing mask. Let it dry on the skin and use the dried mask as a facial scrub by rinsing off in the shower. For the older skin a drop of rose oil also can be used to mix with the herb. Horsetail and rose is a magical and healing combination.

Content 150 grams.

The last herbs from the collection.

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