Utsukusy Hyaluronic acid veil mask

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Hyaluronic acid veil mask

Moisture, moisture, moisture, moisture, moisture! This deep moisturizing hyaluronic acid mask restores the skin layers so your skin is deeply hydrated.

Castor oil (or wonder oil) has a cleansing as well as a moisturizing effect, castor oil is used for dry and aging skin. Castor oil also cleanses the pores leaving them free of bacteria, leaving a calm and clean looking skin behind. Castor oil supports the ability to repair the skin. Because the molecules in castor oil have a small mass, the oil can easily penetrate into the deep layers of skin. Due to the special property of castor oil; the ability to be able to penetrate through the different layers of the skin, castor oil transports the active substances deep within the skin. For example, the skin's hyaluronic acid from this veil mask is well absorbed into the skin so that the skin is well hydrated.

Hyaluronic acid is in fact a natural sugar which we make in our skin. It is used to hydrate our own skin. When we age, our cells doesn't produce enough hyaluronic acid anymore to keep our skin hydrated and free of wrinkles. We have the ability to soak in hyaluronic acid through the skin, that is why hyaluronic acid is used in a lot of beauty products.

Combined with the castor oil you are ensured of a very deeply hydrated skin.

Does not contain parabens.


Use of the hyaluronic acid mask veil

Clean your skin as usual. If you have a ampoule you can apply this on your skin (for example when you use the Wakai home care kit) and place the veil on the face. Lie down for about 15 minutes, or untill your skin took in all moisture from the veil.

When you remove the veil mask, you can massage the remaining hyaluronic acid and oil in before you nourish your skin with a serum and cream.

Contents: 1 hyaluronic acid veil

Ages: suitable for all ages

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