Utsukusy Hydra mask 50ml

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Hydra Mask 50ml

Are you taunted by pimples and impurities from wearing your mouth mask? Is your skin red and irritated by the rubbing of your mouth mask?

Utsukusy developed the hydra mask.

A soft but purifying gel mask that re-opens the pores, purifies the skin and allows it to breathe again. At the same time, this fresh gel mask calms the skin again, reduces redness and makes the skin wonderfully soft and hydrated. For clean, fresh skin, without drying your skin out.

Mask with chamomile and bisabol to prevent impurities and blockages that arise, for example, by wearing a face mask. Purifies the skin in a gentle way, moisturizes, calms, nourishes and softens the skin.

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