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7000 years ago Frankincense resin (incense) was sacrificed to the gods in the Orient. In the period of the Egyptian Pharaoh incence was used as a smoke sacrifice in rituals and for embalming the dead. The aromatic "sweat of the gods" with its disinfecting property is an important tool to clean living quarters and temples with smoke. Incence was also used in face masks. The traditional human and animal sacrifices were often replaced by burning incense Grains by the Babylonians and Persians. During prayers, the resin burned in special barrels, called acerra. Like the Egyptians, the Greeks also knew Frankincense as a medicine as described by Hippocrates. Frankincense belonged to the ancient world as one of the most precious spices, and was later used in the Catholic Church as a smoke sacrifice as early as the 4th century AD. During processions incence was a tribute to the bishops. Even today the resin is used in Catholic worship and in the Eastern religions as incense.

Incense oil stimulates and gives the skin elasticity, therefore it is widely used in skin care for mature skin and in the treatment of wrinkles. Very suitable for the treatment of scars and stretch marks (including preventative). With inhalation of incense oil the respiratory rate can be slowed and the tidal volume can be enlarged. Apply in an evaporator, bath or massage oil. Incense regulates anxiety, brings moods in balance. The oil has a calming effect on mild depression and very soothing to stress and mental health problems. Incense is a good oil to meditate when you open your mind to receive messages and develop new perspectives. Burning incence is often the first step to escape from entrenched habits. The connection between mind, body and matter is clearly shown. Just like sandalwood, incense connects the root chakra to the crown chakra.

contraindication: Skin irritation is possible. Always use diluted on the skin. Use caution during pregnancy.

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