Utsukusy Juniper essential oil 6ml

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For thousands of years, juniper is used in many civilizations - from the Babylonians and Egyptians to the civilazation of the Tibetans and the North American Indians. They used juniper oil as incense in the exercise of their rituals. With the Greeks, juniper was devoted to Hermes; the messenger of the gods.

In the Middle Ages, branches with juniper berries were burnt in the sickroom in order to prevent infections. The juniper berries were chewed to protect against the plague. Excavations have shown that there was a lively trade in juniper in Europe. The bush was considered a magical herb because it was believed that a good spirit lurked into the bush and offered protection against demons, evil spirits and wild animals. For that reason a juniper bush should not be cut down.

Juniper oil has a soothing, calming and refreshing effect. Juniper oil must be used for some time in the evaporator and is especially beneficial for people who suffer from stress or anxiety, fatigue or stress. Juniper oil is a detoxifying oil which renders great services to clearing of accumulated negative energies, especially if caused by contact with people with whom you feel no affinity with.

Juniper oil can also be used to purify rooms and buildings of unwanted energy. Something like that is very useful if a new home is involved or if something unpleasant has happened in the house. Put the oil in an aroma lamp or nebulizer, and let the whole area to be purified while it gets filled with the smell.

contraindication: Do not use during pregnancy because the oil stimulates the uterine muscle. Don't use juniper oil if you suffer from kidney disease and use it no longer than 6 weeks on end.

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