Utsukusy Juniper powder

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Juniper powder is diuretic and helps with moist eczema and is good for blemished skin and acne. It is a warming herb, which stimulates the blood flow and thus also helps with the removal of impurities in the skin. A mask can be made by using the powder in a small amount and mixing it with oil in such a way that the oil contains a few grains of juniper. Juniper does not need to be applied directly to the skin as a thick layer, a very low doses is enough. In the bath is an analgesic and warming spice, giving new energy and blood circulation. A bath with juniper powder is recommended for people with arthritis or joint pain during the cold days in the year.

Contraindication: Do not use during pregnancy due to it's diuretic property's.

Content 100 grams

The last herbs from the collection.

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