Utsukusy Laurel essential oil 6ml

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For the Greeks laurel was the symbol of the sun, wisdom and glory. It was no coincidence that their victory crowns were made of the laurel branches. Laurus nobilis, sweet laurel protects against external influences, creates clarity of mind and strengthens the ability to perceive. Laurel leaves offered protection against lightning and witchcraft. In England, the plants were among others used to decorate at Christmas houses and churches. The leaves are widely used as a culinary spice and oils are used, among other things in the production of ointments, licorice and syrups. Soup gets a warming and comforting taste with a laurel leave in it.

It is a general tonic, powerful antiseptic for the respiratory tract. Laurel oil gives strength and is stimulating and lifting for people who tend to be depressed. Laurel oil, according to the occult tradition, the oil of the dreams. Laurel essence gives warmth and protection from the outside world, it has a cleansing, healing and nurturing effect.

contra-indication: Do not use during pregnancy, due to narcotic properties moderate use, may cause dermatitis in some people. Contents 6 ml

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