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The versatile applications of lavender were already known among the Persians, Greeks and Romans. At the beginning of this century the incredible properties of lavender oil were scientifically investigated and confirmed by physicians Dr. RM Gattefossé and dr. Jean Valnet. Gattefossé had its own positive experience with the oil when he was at a research laboratory and burned his hand. He dipped his hand in a nearby standing bowl of lavender oil and found that the pain disappeared quickly and the wound healed quickly without scarring.

Valnet, a surgeon in the French army, treated many soldiers and civilians with severe burn injuries successfully with lavender oil during the 2nd World War. In his diary he described in detail hundreds of cases.

Lavender oil is a very versatile oil. It is calming, soothing, helps with depression and brings emotions into balance. Its antiseptic, bactericidal and analgesic properties makes lavender oil valuable in the treatment of all the possible injuries. Lavender oil has healing and purifying effect. The oil pours love and tenderness and protects against negativity. Lavender stimulates the mind and relaxes the nerves. Lavender is one of the oils which can be evaporated or atomized in order to purify a house or a room of negative energies.

The balancing characteristics are especially visible  in the chakras where lavender balances the higher and the lower chakras with each other. Just like vetiver, lavender has a positive effect on all the chakras and has both a calming and energizing effect.

contra-indication: May cause hypersensitivity when used in high concentrations.

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