Utsukusy Lemon essential oil 6ml

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Lemon oil has a refreshing and purifying effect. Lemon oil strengthens and soothes people who are overwrought and suffer from mental exhaustion. Lemon oil gives strength to handle daily struggles. Lemon oil helps to relax and promotes sleep. Evaporate a few drops in the bedroom or sprinkle 1-2 drops of lemon oil on the pillow.

If lemon oil is evaporated in the office or study, it increases concentration and improves productivity. Lemon brings light to unsolved problems, cleans and supports discernment. Where the joy is gone lemon will bring back joy and zest for life.

In ancient cultures they believed that the lemon tree protected against evil spirits, in Egypt it was used for embalming the dead. Lemon improves circulation, stimulates cell metabolism and lymph flow. In addition, lemon oil is supports detoxification and drainage of the tissue. Lemon oil is added to massage oils to treat cellulite.

contraindication: the Lemon peel oil is phototoxic, so do not use it in the sun on the skin. Never use essential oils directly on the skin, always mix with a base oil. Many people are sensitive to citrus oils, so try to use one drop in the inside of the elbow to make sure you are not too sensitive to use lemon oil.

Contents 6 ml

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