Utsukusy Marjoram essential oil 6ml

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Originally from the Mediterranean nowadays marjoram is grown everywhere in Europe. In a colder climate the marjoram plant is a plant that will bloom for one year only. The Egyptians dedicated the herb to Osiris and marjoram was planted on graves to give spiritual peace. The name `Origano` comes from the Greek and means 'mountain of joy`. They used marjoram to perfume themselves and added it as an ingredient in their cosmetics. The spicy scent of the herb spreads a good mood and relaxation.

Today marjoram is used to stimulating, analgesic, antioxidant and antispasmodic effect. The herb lowers blood pressure by dilating the veins. The vein dilation is applies also for the capillaries in the skin. Marjoram oil warms the heart and soothes the nerves, in mental exhaustion or nervous tension marjoram oil gives tranquility. It is an ideal protective oil for people who are often stressed or anxious, 1-2 drops inhaled from a tissue offers quick relieve.

Marjoram oil is an anti-aphrodisiac and is associated with life without a partner. The oil reduces the desire for sexual contact, which is a characteristic physical effect of this oil, especially if it is used in the evening before going to sleep in a bathtub. On the emotional level marjoram oil has a comforting and warming effect and loneliness and grief are softened, which is of great value as a beloved partner has died.

contra-indication: Marjoram oil can cause irritation in sensitive individuals, even though the oil is very skin friendly due to the monoterpenes found in marjoram oil. Do not use during pregnancy. Has an anesthetic effect when used excessive.

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