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Myrrh was first mentioned 3,700 years ago, it is thus the oldest known perfume. Used togehter wiht frankincense in various rituals, myrrh was also used for treatment of many ailments. The Sumerians have know a form of destillation in 3500 BC. In Mesopotamia medical texts dating from 1700 BC were found, wherein among other things, the use as oral care was mentioned. For oral care alum and myrrh was used. Myrrh has been used in all ancient civilizations for disinfecting and wound healing. Greek soldiers had a bottle of myrrh with them to cleanse wounds and to help them heal quicker. The Egyptians called the resin "antyw" and it was used for embalming the dead. Myrrh mixed with honey was used in dressings and treatment of wounds. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used not only to treat wounds and bleeding but as well as in the treatment of ulcers, hemorrhoids, and female ailments. Myrrh is often fed to the livestock since it would affect the milk production and quality favorable. In Somalia ror example, it is given to camels in order to increase the milk yield. In this country, it is also applied in the treatment of venereal diseases. In all cultures the smoke of myrrh is an important insect fighter and it applies to meditation and religious rituals. In the course of time myrrh became a symbol for suffering and death. On his way to Golghota Jewish women offered Jesus a narcotic drink with Myrrh. On the cross Christ also received a mixture of myrrh and wine. When a criminal was condemned to death, they recieved wine with myrrh to reduce the pain.

Myrrh has a calming effect on the nervous system and brings peace to the mind. When hyper-nervous people evaporate myrrh into the living space they calm down. During illness or mental problems myrrh can be evaporated in the room. Like incense, myrhh oil is the oil for prayer and meditation. It is of great value for people who feel that they are emotionally or spiritually stuck and want to continue with their lives. Myrrh provides clarity, insight, inner peace and is a gift to the child to be born but also a gift to the inner child in everyone. Myrrh oil has a warming and stimulating effect on the physical body and can be used for strengthening the root chakra.

contra-indication: Do not use during pregnancy and during lactation. Do not use undiluted on sensitive skin. Not suitable for babies and small children.

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