Utsukusy Neroli essential oil 6ml

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Neroli is also known as orange blossom oil and has an exotic floral fragrance that works activating on mind and body. For centuries neroli oil has had a reputation as an aphrodisiac. In the ancient times, the bride had to wear a wreath of orange blossoms. The wreath had a dual function it was a symbol of virginity and had the subtle fragrance to eliminate the possible bride's fear of the upcoming wedding night. Neroli is a first aid in shock, anxiety and emotional exhaustion.

The oil also enhances creativity, and especially in the fields of music and literature. It is a sunny oil to pamper the skin and the inner self. Neroli has a calming effect on people who are plagued by insomnia, panic anxiety, hysterical or depressed mood and for those who are in schock or in an exciting, mentally exhausting period.

Neroli is always associated with purity, probably because of the symbolic meaning lies in the whiteness and purity of flowers. When we are overwhelmed by everyday worries, inhaling neroli oil puts us back in touch with our higher selves. Perhaps that is the reason why the neroli oil has such a deeply calming and relaxing effect, on both our physical body and our mind.

contra-indication: Like all citrus oils neroli can cause skin irritations when used undiluted.

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