Utsukusy Orangeblossem hydrolate toner lotion

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Orange blossom hydrolate is a distillate from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. It is a remarkable hydrolate with an enchanting scent. Orange blossem hydrolate reduces and relieves nervousness, stress and palpitations. A wonderful lotion for dry, sensitive skin.

Essentioal Rose oil or rose hydrolate mixed with orange blossom hydrolate reduces the fragility of the skin and gives her a loving look and smell. For oily skin tonic of orange blossom hydrolate is made with lemon oil to make an astringent hydrolate and to give the face rest and relaxation.

Due to its unique fragrance and calming effect orange blossem hydrolate is very fit to use as baby lotion. A dash in the (baby) bath provides relaxation. Due to the pleasant, soothing scent, it can also be used in a spray bottle as "monster spray" for children who sometimes are afraid to go to sleep. Added to a day cream or mask, you will enhance the nourishin value of the cream.

Orange blossem is used for special rituals, such as a marriage. When used in a ritual it will increase the value and fertility of the ritual. After traumatic experiences and after illnesses and pain orange blossom hydrolate will bring relief, reduce stress and bring confidence back on soul level. As skin lotion, natural perfume, refreshing finger water after meals ... Utsukusy orange blossom hydrolate is enchanting and highly recommended!

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