Utsukusy Perfect Skin home care kit

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Perfect skin home care kit. The mini-salon treatment for young, oily skin with acne. With these carefully matched products the skin normalizes. Blackheads and acne diminish and eventually disappear in 10 days. The skin gets an intricate and matte texture with a fresh, youthful appearance.


Bijin Facial cleanser cream. Cleanses the skin gently but deeply. Refines skin texture, reduces pores, softens rough patches and flakes. Balances the fat and moisture content of the skin. Prepares the skin to absorb nutrients properly.

50 ml    

Perfect skin serum (balance stabilizing solution) contains tea tree oil, hops, burdock, nettle, vitamin E and anti-oxidants to treat oily and blemished areas and helpts the skin heal. Is effective against acne and blackheads.

30 ml

Perfect skin gel cream containst yogurt, sage, rosemary, hops, burdock, vitamin E, antioxidants and manuka honey. A fresh herbal gel cream for oily skin. Nourishes, is moisturizing, balancing, matting and refreshing. For a clean and matte skin.

50 ml


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