Utsukusy Perfect Skin gel cream 50ml

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Solution for seborrheic dermatosis, oily skin and acne problems.
Composition: glycyrrhetinic acid, chlorhexidine, rosemary, hops, sage extract, burdock, manuca, yoghurt and tea tree oil.
Oily skin and acné products. It has protective properties. Matt regulator effect. Reduces shine. Regulates sebaceous secretion and protects the skin from germs and bacteria.

Cremi Gel Cream Matt regulator effect. Professional matt effect. Composition: glycyrrhetinic acid, salicylic acid, vitamin E, manuka oil and yogurt. Benefits: regulates sebaceous secretion. It has protective and matt effect properties. Provides skin with vitality and luminosity without shiny spots.


Age: 16+

Oily skin.

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