Utsukusy Rosemary hydrolate toner lotion

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The light blue to purple coloring flowers of rosemary bloom early in the spring and like the spring this hydrolate let our blood flow faster. The love of life is awoken. Rosemary stimulates the blood circulation in the whole body. People who are slow in the morning wake up and feel refreshed with Rosemary hydrolate.

Use it for your face and you feel refreshed, but rosemary hydrolate also lighten the pores. Rosemary hydrolate can also be used as an aftershave.

Rosemary hydrolate can be used to disinfect hands and purify the surrounding air. A finger bowl with Rosemary hydrolate cleanses the hands while the scent raises the appetite and makes a dinner party happy and cheerful.

When rosemary hydrolate is rubbed lightly into the hair and scalp it promotes hair growth, reveals shiny hair and gives clarity of mind. Utsukusy Rosemary hydrolate comforts our hearts and makes us light and happy.

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