Utsukusy Rosemary essential oil 6ml

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In ancient Rome and Greece rosemary was considered a sacred plant containing several magical properties. Rosemary strengthens concentration, the mind and memory and rosemary was therefore regarded as the symbol of remembrance, love and friendship. Rosemary was used at births, weddings and funerals. All symbolize in their own way a new beginning, or light. According to tradition, rosemary protects against evil and let friendships blossem.

Rosemary brings light and gives comfort in grief. In the Middle Ages rosemary was used at baptisms, marriages. At funerals, rosemary branches were broken and rosemary was burned in hospitals due to the antibacterial and antiseptic action. Rosemary was also used for liver and spleen problems.

Rosemary is a stimulating oil that helps to wake up, to stay fresh, increase concentration, and stimulate the digestive organs and excretion. Rosemary stimulates digesting helps hold against bloating, fluid, helps against nerve pain and has the ability to stimulate circulation.

Contra indication: Rosemary oil is not suitable when trying to conceive and if you are pregnant.

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