Utsukusy Rosewood essential oil 6ml

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Rosewood oil has a rose-like fragrance and it brings a delightful perfume to the house. You can evaporate rosewood oil in the aromalamp or add it to water to clean surfaces. The soothing effect of rosewood oil makes people more receptive to enjoy all the beautiful things around them and it has a harmonizing and relaxing effect on the mind.

Traditionally, the essential oil is used to reduce stress and boost the immune system. In skin care rosewood oil plays an important role. Rosewood oil is not completely absorbed by the skin but leaves a protective layer which makes the skin wonderfully soft. Rosewood oil calms the nerves and has a soothing, calming and relaxing effect on melancholic, depressed, panicky and hysterical people.

Rosewood oil is associated with the crown chakra and may have the effect to open the crown chakra under the right circumstances. The use of rosewood is valuable during meditation or other spiritual activities.

contra-indication: Can cause irritation in susceptible persons. Always dilute an essential oil with a base oil. Overdose can cause dizziness and nausea.  

Contents 6 ml

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