Utsukusy Sarcodes Reconstructieve - Reparative mask

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Reconstructive - Reparative Mask Firming mask.
Composition: aloe vera, synake, vitis vinifera and snake venom.
Benefits: anti aging effects. Maintains hydration and protects dermal tissue from external aggressions.

Cosmetics based on animals poisons. Fair homeopathic doses that creates a unique line of treatments for oxygenation, sensitive skin and rosacea. Poisons are extracted from animals without causing any damage or pain to them and its effects on skin are innovative and very effective.

Instructions: Since this is a highly concentrated salon mask, the skin should be cleaned before use with a face wash or with a facial cleanser cream. Next, and this is important: a serum and day cream must be applied before using the face mask. Only then apply the mask and leave to soak. As a result all the nutrients from the serum and the day cream will be absorbed together with nutrients from the mask. After removing the mask, apply serum and/or day cream again.

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