Utsukusy Sirtuina's facial cream 50ml

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Bishoujo Sirtuina's Cream Anti-age SPF15 with activators of the longevity gene.
Composition: sirtuina´s, collagen, hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, Aloe vera, vitamin A.
Molecular rejuvenation through genetic reactivation. Line developed under the asset of Sirtuin’s extracted from the Vitis vinífera. With antioxidant properties. Longevity gene reactivation. It improves cells longevity, reducing the aging process by limiting the dermal degeneration.

Benefits: powerful anti-aging rich in resveratrol 7%. Extends cell life. It decreases the deterioration of DNA from inside of the cell. High emollient and penetration power. Strengthens tissues structure. Flash effect. Visible effects from first application.

50 ml.

Age: 50 +

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