Utsukusy Tangerine essential oil 6ml

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Tangerine trees were a traditional gift for the Chinese Mandarins. This is where the name of the fruit find it's origin. The essential tangerine oil is pressed from the outer portion of the peel of the ripe fruit. Tangerine oil is orange-yellow in color with a bluish tinge.

Tangerine oil contains many vitamins and has a sweet but fresh scent. The essential tangerine oil is highly valued by children and therefore often used in skincare products for children. It is the ideal oil for expectant mothers, babies and small children. Tangerine generally works calming on the digestive system and purifies the skin. Tangerine stimulates a playful creativity so that problems are not so heavy any more and the little positives can get attention again. Tangerine is a sunny, smiling, and warm oil that nourishes the child in the adult human.

Tangerine oil has many qualities that we see in the other citrus oils, both in the physical and subtle level, but in a more refined and modest form. The delicate fragrance gives a feeling of happiness especially to children and to the child that dwells within each of us. The oil helps us get in touch with the inner child. c

contraindication: The oil is undiluted possible phototoxic.

Contents 6 ml

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