Utsukusy Tea tree essential oil 6ml

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Tea tree oil is highly lipophilic ie fat-soluble. The powerful anti-bacterial effect and especially the particularly good ability to penetrate deep into the skin and the underlying tissue is based on the fat-soluble property of tea tree oil. Tea Tree oil is not really a panacea as claimed by the Aboriginals, but it certainly possesses several features that support the body in the healing process positively. Tea tree oil can not cure the cause of the disease.

Tea tree oil however is very effective on skin and fungal contaminants due to its antifungal effect. It is also a perfect oil to use on acne. In addition, the oil is an analgesic, it reduces itching and inhibits the development of pus forming bacteria. Small spots can be treated with 1 drop of pure oil, for larger spots tea tree oil should be diluted with a carrier oil.

contraindication: Use sparingly and targeted.

Contents 6 ml

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