Utsukusy Thyme hydrolate toner lotion

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The warming thyme hydrolate is a hydrolate that makes cheerful. After a period of weakness, disease, or after the long dark winter days, thyme hydrolate is the hydrolate that welcomes the sun.

A massage with thyme hydrolate activates blood circulation and gives your skin a fresh firmness. Wounds and itchy rashes disappear. Also fungal skin infections be combated by thyme. It is a good tonic for oily skin with acne and the immunostimulatory potential of thyme is also very suitable for (over) sensitive people who suffer from allergic skin reactions. A steam room with a dash of thyme hydrolate works wonders. Besides a thorough cleaning of the skin it helps in rhinitis and if you suffer from your bronchi.

Thyme hydrolate sprayed in a room purifies the air and fights existing germs. Ideal for rooms with air conditioning. (Think about the airplane or car). In mouthwash thyme hydrolate fights infections and makes the breath nice and spicy. The deodorizing effect of this thyme hydrolate is fine to use as a deodorant or a foot bath with foot odor. In the 'chivalry' thyme was associated with courage, strength and health. We also now know that this hydrolate stimulate our self-healing ability and makes us face the sun.

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