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Thyme powder is the appropriate powder for people over the age of 20 who suffer from acne or a restless skin. Getting pimples, acne or blackheads is annoying, but usually they disappear before the 20th year of life. Some people, however, still struggle with pimples, a restless skin and blackheads long afther they are 20.

The skin becomes too greasy when using with products containing oils or fats, but the skin becomes too dry or even flaky when only oil-free products are used. A scrub or mask with thyme powder is very effective in those cases.

Thyme powder is beautifu to mix with cucumber hydrolate for a cleansing and deep moisturizing and drainage mask. Thyme powder mixed with hamamelis hydrolate provides a clean, radiant and soft skin and helps against drought flakes while balancing the sebum production.

It is a sunny herb. Thyme is also beneficial in throat pain, inflammation of the gums, worm infections, bladder inflammation, cough, poor digestion, flatulence, abdominal cramps and colic and all kinds of fungi.

Suitable for oily skin, acne and impurities, and dehydrated skin.

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Content 150 grams.

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