Utsukusy Ylang Ylang essential oil 6ml

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In Indonesia and the Philippines were Ylang Ylang flowers along with Sampaguita flowers are used to decorate in festive events by the native people. At weddings and funerals they had to ward off evil spirits. In Malaysia, women like to wear ylang ylang flowers in her hair. Fresh flowers are combined with Jasmine, Rose, Champaca and Pandanus used for all kinds of celebrations. The floral splendor sprinkled on the bed of newly married couples. Some flowers are kept between clothing.

In Thailand an extract of the flowers is used as a lotion after bathing. Especially in Indonesia a macerate of the indigenous ylang ylang flower in coconut oil is used it for hair and skin care and against fever and insect bites. In the rainy season there is a macerate, Bori-Bori, created with turmeric oil to prevent colds and fever. In addition to the perfuming of laundry the flowers in various Asian countries are also used for preparing tea, which is then regarded as an aphrodisiac.

Ylang-Ylang creates a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere that encourages a good conversation, understanding and cooperation. For people who are constantly under stress a bath with Ylang Ylang is very relaxing. This sweetly scented oil evokes feelings of peace and dispels anger. Important for meditation and spiritual activities.

contraindication: non-toxic, non-irritant, but the strong odor can cause a headache and nausea when used in an overdose. Do not use in pregnancy or low blood pressure. Can sometimes cause sensitization by sensitive skin. 

6 ml

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